03 February, 2009

FO ALERT: ANOTHER BERET (a birthday present for my sis)

My sis has been wearing hats lately... so after I finished the beret for my cousin, I thought I would make one for my sister's birthday gift. Only problem is i forgot my pattern for it at our little place in Georgia. And I was having "wireless router" issues preventing me from getting online to look for it.

soooooooooo... i pieced together my own design. What do you think of it?

I used a size J hook and Hobby Lobby acrylic yarn (for ease of care). It is all done in dc, 2dc together, and hdc stitches.

(is there a name for the 2 dcs stitched together?)

I sure hope she likes it!

Happy Birthday, Sis!
(Don't worry, I won't tell your age... although I will say that you are younger than me!)

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tooky said...

i like it