19 January, 2009

OMG! I JUST FOLLOWED MY FIRST PATTERN...ok... well... almost

If you know me IRL... then you know I have never been able to follow a pattern...or recipe for that matter... lol... but here it is... "Bejeweled Beret" by Linda Permann from the Sept/Oct '07 issue of CROCHET TODAY! magazine (page 42).

I have a cousin who will be undergoing very aggressive treatment for breast cancer soon. She has been told that she will lose her hair... so I wanted to make her a funky hat to wear. I was flipping through my collection of crochet magazines and found this pattern. I opted not to sew on the embellishments ...but I have some cool gold-tone plastic vintage buttons that I believe would work if she wants them.

I liked the pattern because it was written without abbreviations. I didn't have as much trouble following it as I thought I would... woo hoo.

I did change the last three rounds from the original... before fastening off, I tried it on... way too tight for me. Maybe I have a massive head or maybe i messed it up...but I changed the last 3 rows into hdc stitches in each stitch.

I tried it on and it fit... and then I made Mr. Foam Head model it for the blog.

I hope my cousin likes this... I know she likes purples and greens... I saw this wool ( @ Ewe Knit in Carrollton, GA) and thought of her.

Also I think that I will make a few more of these hats!

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Brandy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin! BREAST CANCER SUCKS!!!!! Your hat turned out great and I'm sure she'll really appreciate it. Congrats on the pattern thing too, WHOOT WHOOT!