30 October, 2007

WOW! Has it really been that long since I blogged?

It hit me last week that I haven't posted on my blog in a while... (actually, it was my son in georgia who asked me if i was ever going to post on the blog again) ...imagine my suprise when I clicked onto the Fiber Deviant Blog and realized that my last posting was in March!

Am I a slacker or what?!? (Don't answer... it's a rhetorical question)

I would like to think that it's NOT that I am a slacker... but that I have just been busy living. Because actually, lots of things have been going on...

We celebrated our son, The Barbarian's, birthday,

I got addicted to Bollywood movies (Amitabh is the absolutely coolest dude on the planet!!! I also love Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan & Saif Ali Khan! although I don't think that they are related... oh well),

Sugar Daddy & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a wonderful trip to Atlanta... where there is a movie theater that plays Bollywood movies and you can eat samosa chat & kulfi while you watch the flicks. We tried to eat at all of the wonderfully diverse ethnic offerings that Atlanta has... I am sure we missed some... but that means we can do it again next year!,

I found a video game that I can play (and Sugar Daddy too!)... we bought a nintendo wii ... i think it's great! My 82 year-old FIL must have thought so too: he played it at our house and then bought one too! (he really rocks in bowling... none of us can touch him! and his baseball game is not too shabby either!)

We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday,

Our older son, The Accountant, & his wife, The Teacher bought a beautiful new house (CONGRATS!),

We adopted 2 wonderful doggies from local shelters (Gabriel, a 50 lb mixed breed (he's really The Barbarian's dog), and Jubal, a 12 lb miniature poodle (Sugar Daddy & mine's spoiled little darling!) ... welcome to the Family!),

school started again (The Barbarian is a senior this year)...

My nephew, Trumpet, started high school this year and is in the marching band!

My nephew, The Tank, who lives in Georgia, turned 8 and is playing football... and we actually got to see a few games... (do something #71!)

and that is not counting the projects:

I swear that I haven't been sitting on my laurels! I have been doing projects! I have made wall hangings, purses, blankets, and my new passion, dog sweaters!

I will be posting about them later... with pics!

I just wanted to get a "catch-up" post in... and i am going to try...no i AM going to do a better job of posting! (errrr.... hopefully)

but right now, i want to go check up on some blogs out there that i have been missing out on!

see? I have been a slacker on reading blogs too!

oh! before I forget: I want to congratulate Regina (www.monstercrochet.blogspot.com) and Jimbo (www.jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com): Jimbo was featured in Craft magazine... and well, Regina, it seems that lately, you can't open a crochet magazine and not see a pattern by her in it! so CONGRATS! to two people that I have had the pleasure of "talking" to via blogs and emails!

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