29 September, 2008


here is a picture of our supper...

baked chicken thighs - (marinated in the homade hot sauce from the pita house restaurant, olive oil & lemon juice --- baked on a broiler pan at 425 degrees for about 45 minutes)

marinated tomato & onion salad - (olive oil, seasoned rice vinegar & assorted herbs)

my version of foul mudammes (rhymes with yule mudammes - ok, so i can't think of anything to rhyme with mudammes...lol)

--- i used 2 lbs of dried small fava beans (soaked and cooked in a little olive oil, water, bay leaf, parsley, onion and garlic until soft

--- in an empty pan, heat some olive oil, chop and add an onion, cook for a few minutes until onion softens a little, add some minced garlic & cook a little longer, this should smell good already

--- add two drained cans of diced tomato & cook for about 5 minutes or so

--- add some salt, chili powder, curry powder cumin, ground cloves, cinnamon, tumeric, and cayenne pepper (all to taste) - squeeze in some lime or lemon juice... stir well and cook for 5 to 7 minutes (your tummy should be growling now...lol)

--- add the cooked beans (you could use cans of fava beans, i guess) & stir

--- simmer for about 15 - 20 minutes

--- when ready to serve,i season the individual servings by pouring olive oil , squeezing a lime or lemon and sprinkling with parsley (chopped fresh is best!)

--- enjoy. (this is a variation of a traditional egyptian breakfast dish)

this meal was topped off with zataar bread purchased from the pita house restaurant on south pleasantburg drive... phone: (864) 271-9895 ).

and some fresh grapes (from bi-lo, of course) for dessert!

WEEKEND WRAP-UP from my mobile phone

<--- what a difference the right tool makes! i ordered the heavy-duty loom tool from decor accents; and it really is so much easier to loom knit!

and as you can see... i have started on the strap to the ladybug bag! woo hoo

my SIL and nephew (D & K) came into town from georgia for a visit... they came for the Bi-Lo Certified Angus Beef Cook-Off; but weather did not cooperate (yucky drizzle rain all day), so the event was postponed.

Sugar Daddy was more than a little bummed... he had really put a lot in the event... last year was the first one; and the turn-out was so great that he (and the whole Bi-Lo team) was inspired to make the 2nd annual one even better! hopefully it will be rescheduled soon...

for official info: http://my.bi-lo.com/wps/wcm/connect/Content%20Library/bi-lo/mainnav/promotions/certified+angus+beef+backyard+grill+off

<---- this was K's first visit to greenville, so we definitely wanted to show him the beautiful Falls Park, smack in the middle of downtown greenville... http://www.fallspark.com/

<--- i had been reading about this... not really sure how i feel about the curfew... here are some articles on this:




<--- construction on main street

<--- checking out bald rock on the way to ceasar's head... glad we did... caesar's head was so foggy, we couldnt see a thing!

<--- we also visited one of our favorite weekend haunts... the taco truck on cedar lane. the best tacos that i have ever had... love, love, love this place!

<--- there must have been some kind of car show going on sunday... there were several really cool cars there... this was my fave! sorry about the bad cell phone pic... it was getting dark.

<--- our older son (who got chickens a couple of weeks ago) sent us this lovely pic of the first egg collection!

and that is just a taste of what we did!

edited to add captions

24 September, 2008


I worked on the ladybug bag at the weekly yo-c meeting.

finally, i feel like i am getting to the "knitty gritty" of it. bad pun intended!

THE WEEKEND IN PICTURES (moblogging) (edited to add captions)

<--- it was my nephew, M's 9th birthday. this is the cake that Nana (my mom) made for him... it has M's jersey number on it! It was quite yummy!

<--- here is M after his game on saturday... his team, the carrollton raiders won (they played the heard county team): 27 - 0.

<--- here is a shot of the game... sorry, that's as close as my phone camera gets.

<--- here is jubal at the game. he is reclining under an umbrella (we had to sit on the grass because dogs arent allowed... who knew?)
and in the right-hand corner, you can see that i brought a crochet project to work on during the game (i am thinking felted hat).

<--- here is M and his dad, FB, playing around with some of M's birthday gifts.

<--- nothing says "i love you" like beef from the big green egg!

<--- here is a cute shot of gabriel riding in the car. he is sad because the barbarian went to the anime weekend in atlanta and left him with us all weekend... i think he was feeling abandoned. gabe sure was happy when he saw the barbarian again!

also went to sunday dinner at my uncle's house. lots of extended family were there... so great to see everyone. but it was kind of a bittersweet deal... my uncle starts an aggressive radiation treatment regime starting next week for lung cancer... all prayers and positive thoughts are welcomed... thanks.


18 September, 2008


i took the ladybug bag to the weekly yoc (weekly fiber group) to work on.

there is something about working with a group! i finally feel like i am getting somewhere with the bag. i am anxious to get done with the body of the bag --- i am ready to begin the embellishments!

i am thinking of spool-knitting cord and using that to do outline of branches... crocheting some leaf shapes and using surface crochet to applique the leaves and then the ladybugs to the bag.

i have a new idea for the shoulder strap \ backpack strap... not sure how to describe... you will just have to wait and see!

15 September, 2008


Sugar Daddy did surgery on my poor loom pick... Isn't he just the sweetest?

Bless his heart... he is always having to work on stuff for me...just one more reason to love him.

I sure hope this fix works.

Cross your fingers!


I finally feel like I am getting somewhere on the ladybug bag!

Since this is my first project with a smaller gauge loom, I didn' t realize how different it is than working with the larger gauge knifty knitters.

I have bent two regular loom picks and broke the handle of my provocraft hook and pick set! I think I can duct-tape the handle and it will be fine.

I also think that I should order some of those heavy-duty loom picks from Decor Accents ... hope they mean heavy duty!

13 September, 2008


Pic 1: Check out all this yarn...I got all of this for nine dollars! Most of the yarn is vintage acrylic yarns... but there are three skeins of icelandic wool included...awesome!

Pic 2: This is Jubal and I walking around... he is riding so stylishly in a sling ordered from www.petflys.com.

Pics 3 & 4: Our oldest son has beat us in getting chickens. He and his wife are starting out with one rooster and three hens. they are so cute... i can't wait til we get ours!

Pic 5: Jubal trying to investigate the new chickens.


12 September, 2008

11 September, 2008

A Quick and Easy Project

These fingerless gloves were made with the 'In The Attic' mitten loom.

These are a little tight on me... I will probably make some more using the small knifty knitter loom...

Here is how I did it:

I used 2 strands of Red Heart SuperSaver

E-wrap and knit off 10 rows normally (1 over 1)
Make a cuff... bring the bottom stitches up and put them on the pegs all the way around, you will have 2 loops on each peg

E-wrap around the loom... there will now be 3 loops on each peg

Knit off the 11th row by lifting the 2 bottom loops over the top one

For rows 12 - 25, E-wrap around loom twice and knit off 2 over 1

Take loop off of peg 11 and place on peg 10
Take loop off of peg 12 and place on peg 11
Put top loop from peg 10 onto peg 11 & knit off

Take loop off of peg 14 and place on peg 15
Take loop off of peg 13 and place on peg 14
Put top loop from peg 15 onto peg 14 & knit off

E-wrap until there are 4 loops on all pegs EXCEPT for pegs 12 & 13 (those pegs should have 3)

Knit off 3 over 1 except pegs 12 & 13 (2 over 1)... this is row 26

For Rows 27 - 31: E-wrap and knit off 2 over 1

Cut off long tail (which is 4 times around the outside of loom)... thread tail onto a yarn needle... and E-stitch to bind off... go up through loop on peg 2.... down through loop on peg 1... up at peg 3... and down at peg 2... up at peg 4... down at peg 3... and so on and so on until all loops have been stitched through... take off of loom

voila! you have a fingerless glove... repeat process to make another glove!



Look at these cute little buttons that I found!!! I am sure that I will be able to utilize them in the design of the ladybug bag...lol.

10 September, 2008

So Cute...

Jubal gets a little 'Daddy Love' ... he is so spoiled!


The ladybug bag is growing!

I really love this smaller gauge loom... but I seem to be going more slowly than I do on the larger gauge knifty knitters... maybe this is normal?

And I really love how the variegated yarn is looking!

09 September, 2008


tentative plan for ladybug bag

The other weekend, at my extended family's Sunday dinner, one of my cousins mentioned that she had seen a picture of a cute little backpack with a ladybug design. She was wondering if I might be able to make something like that for her. I told her that I would try to come up with something.

I thought I would use my Decor Accents small-gauge loom to make the "body" of the bag. I went ahead and crocheted the ladybugs... I decided to make three ladybugs to represent my cousin and her two children. I will applique the ladybugs to the bag with surface crochet. I haven't decided how I want to do the spots yet... maybe buttons?

The yarn is the Hobby Lobby brand acrylic, "I Love This Yarn". I chose this yarn for ease of care, which I feel is important for a working mother with two young toddlers.

So here is the start of this project. I will post pictures as it progresses... I thought she might enjoy watching its development.

L, this is your bag...

08 September, 2008

A Few Pictures From the Weekend (Temple, Ga)

<--- My nephew, M, petting Jasmine... while Bunny plots her escape!

<------ The Barbarian playing roughhouse with Gabriel

<--- M's big sis, B, learning to crochet! woo hoo... somebody wants to learn!

<--- M's other "sister", T, who seems a little bummed out when it is time for us to head back to Greenville

<--- Bunny and Jasmine... aren't they just the cutest?

<--- cherry cobbler... mmm...mmm...good!

<--- chickens smoked in the big green egg ... yummy!