27 October, 2008


which just means that we slept in late and didn't make breakfast... lol.

we went to saffron (on miller rd @ woodruff rd intersection). they serve such a delicious buffet... today there was gulab jamun and kheer for dessert.

and don't forget the sugar-coated fennel seeds for digestion.



here is my nephew's doggie, jack. he has been a little chilly too... so i revamped an early sweater that i had made for jubal.

i think it turned out ok...

and isn't jack just a sweetie pie?
(pumpkin pie, that is...lol)


and jubal has started wearing sweaters that i have made for him on the knifty knitter...

ok...so the third picture is a cut off sweatpant leg that i cut leg openings in...lol ... not as stylish as his sweaters... but it makes a very comfy & warm sleeping gown!

25 October, 2008

We South Carolinians must REALLY love our TV (or is it our cars?)...

with a hubby in the grocery industry, i cook at home most nights... but every so often... i get the urge to go out.

most of the time... when we do eat out... we go to ethnic eateries. if you know me irl, you know i adore the taco truck on cedar lane, saffron on miller road & swad on laurens road for indian food, cositas ricas on w. parker road for colombian, pita house on pleasantburg rd for middle eastern, saigon fast food for vietnamese, thai restaurant on augusta road for thai (du! lol), korean barbecue on miller & great wall for korean, etc...

but the other night...it was the new krystal drive-in on woodruff road that beckoned us. it has a conventional drive-thru, an inside area to order and eat, and then there is a "car hop" section... where you pull up, press a button, a carhop comes out to take your order... and YOU CAN WATCH TV!

that's right... they have large tvs attached to the menu boards in front of every car... you can change channels and listen via your car radio... if it is working...

this is the 2nd time we have stopped in; and both times we have pulled up at the only non-working sets (different parking spots) ... so no tv for us... boo hoo

i got a basket meal with little toasted sandwiches (so cute!), a turkey club and a philly cheese steak) and waffle fries... who knew that krystal had waffle fries? (although they call them fiesta fries i think)

i was kind pouty about the no tv deal...although sugar daddy says i am minimizing my reaction... lol... i mean, that's the gimmick of it, right? watching the tv in your car? (i am not even going to mention that we have a dvd player in our car! lol)

but then we came home and 2001: a space odyssey (such a cool movie... i don't think i have ever seen it all at one time!) on tcm... we cut off all the lights for ambiance... and promptly fell asleep on the couch... so not much tv there either... lol

i was telling my brother about the krystal the next day, and he said "you folks in south carolina must love your tv... you have tv on your gas pumps and now at your drive-thru restaurants!"

...hmmmm... he said it like it was a weird thing!

23 October, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Halloween...

here is a car that we saw in georgia... spooky...

Chicken Man

while we were in georgia last weekend, we visited our older son and daughter-in-law; and saw all of their new chickens!

the new ones were so tame... they would just walk right up to you... they even came right up to jubal.

he didn't quite know what to think about them. but he didn't bark or try to bite them. that is a good sign for us for when we get chickens at our place in georgia.

unfortunately, our younger son did not get to go... fortunately he was working! ka-ching!

22 October, 2008

SOMEONE LIKES ME... who knew?

i was checking email yesterday and opened an email from a group called SoundOffSouth.com. it stated that the team at www.soundoffsouth.com liked my blog and wanted to link my blog to the soundoffsouth site.

i went to the site... it is a part of wyff 4 news website.
my blog had already been linked... wow! they are fast!

if you click on the "BLOGS" link at the top of the page, you will see a list of blogs... my little bloggy is on twice: under "Art /Illustration /Crafts" and under "Greenville".

kinda neat...


you are looking at our whole tomato harvest this year!

over the weekend we went to our little place in georgia; and this beautiful little tomato was waiting for us. my brother said he didnt pick it because he didn't want to rob us of the joy of gathering our first harvest... lol.

we bought 5 different heirloom tomato plants, buckets, cages and soil. we planted them all in a row... they were all so beautiful.

we dreamed of all the wonderful tomatoes that we would be eating.

and then one day, two naughty little goats noticed that my nephew forgot to latch the gate... they snuck in and ate our tomato plants almost down to the dirt! there were only little tiny stalks left.

but amazingly, all the plants lived! they started growing again... but only one lone tomato appeared...

behold the harvest!

21 October, 2008


while i was waiting for the barbarian, who was filling out some paperwork for his new job, i decided to try out my vintage weave-it handloom. i scored this cutie from ebay quite a while ago...but i just haven't had time to play with it.

i love how the variegated yarn (hobby lobby's brand "i love this yarn!" #605 sweet mocha ombre) comes out looking almost plaid.

i am thinking that these squares might end up as a christmas gift scarf... what do you think?

jubal did not participate in my fiber fest... he decided that he needed to take a nap!

i really like adding small loom weaving to my multi-craftual arsenal. you can never have too much fiber-y goodness in your life!


I haven't posted lately due to a combination of not feeling well and then being busy. the babarian got a job! congrats, J!!! woo hoo

i joined a crockpot cooking group on ravelry (wow... you cab find a group for anything!) ... and so wanted to share what my family calls "sausage and spinach and can soup":

i brown a pound of breakfast sausage (i usually use neese's hot)

i "rough chop" an onion and toss into the browning sausage

open 4 cans italian diced tomatoes and 2 cans great white northern beans --- don't drain --- pour contents into crockpot

add the drained sausage and onions to the crockpot

cook on low for 4 to 6 hrs

about 30 minutes before you plan to eat... open crockpot and add a bag of baby spinach... stir in... put lid back on crockpot & let spinach wilt for last 30 minutes of cooking.


this is an "easy" fix meal that i use when i just don't feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.


06 October, 2008


Here is a little justification for my constant state of messiness!

now if i could only get sugar daddy to buy into this train of thought!

NY Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/21/garden/21mess.html?partner=permalink&exprod=permalink


finally, i have somebody on my side! lol

i admit it, i am a mess-a-holic! and poor Sugar Daddy is such a neat freak... he has to put up with a lot from me! i wonder if this article will garner any sympathy from him... hmmmmm


i found this link via inkberryblue's blog: http://inkberryblue.blogspot.com/

check her out... she has some awesome things going on!


here is update on the ladybug bag...

i have completed the strap (except for blocking, that is!).

i used a cinch buckle set and a heart-shaped clip... i think this way, the bag can be used as a strapped purse or a backpack.

what do you think of this idea?