25 October, 2008

We South Carolinians must REALLY love our TV (or is it our cars?)...

with a hubby in the grocery industry, i cook at home most nights... but every so often... i get the urge to go out.

most of the time... when we do eat out... we go to ethnic eateries. if you know me irl, you know i adore the taco truck on cedar lane, saffron on miller road & swad on laurens road for indian food, cositas ricas on w. parker road for colombian, pita house on pleasantburg rd for middle eastern, saigon fast food for vietnamese, thai restaurant on augusta road for thai (du! lol), korean barbecue on miller & great wall for korean, etc...

but the other night...it was the new krystal drive-in on woodruff road that beckoned us. it has a conventional drive-thru, an inside area to order and eat, and then there is a "car hop" section... where you pull up, press a button, a carhop comes out to take your order... and YOU CAN WATCH TV!

that's right... they have large tvs attached to the menu boards in front of every car... you can change channels and listen via your car radio... if it is working...

this is the 2nd time we have stopped in; and both times we have pulled up at the only non-working sets (different parking spots) ... so no tv for us... boo hoo

i got a basket meal with little toasted sandwiches (so cute!), a turkey club and a philly cheese steak) and waffle fries... who knew that krystal had waffle fries? (although they call them fiesta fries i think)

i was kind pouty about the no tv deal...although sugar daddy says i am minimizing my reaction... lol... i mean, that's the gimmick of it, right? watching the tv in your car? (i am not even going to mention that we have a dvd player in our car! lol)

but then we came home and 2001: a space odyssey (such a cool movie... i don't think i have ever seen it all at one time!) on tcm... we cut off all the lights for ambiance... and promptly fell asleep on the couch... so not much tv there either... lol

i was telling my brother about the krystal the next day, and he said "you folks in south carolina must love your tv... you have tv on your gas pumps and now at your drive-thru restaurants!"

...hmmmm... he said it like it was a weird thing!

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