28 April, 2008


I found some nylon scrubbies; and so of course, I had to try again!


Here are pics of a crocheted dishcloth (my first) with an attached scouring pad. I saw a similar item at a flea market; and decided to try my hand at making one.

The original used one of the round nylon netting "scrubbies". I couldn't find these at first (how weird!); and so used a scouring pad. I stitched around the pad and then began to crochet.


I took this pic of Jubal lying down with his ears all flipped over... he looks like he is wearing a toupee!

26 April, 2008


I love to stop at Buford Highway Farmers Market when we go through Atlanta. I would have to say that BFM is my favorite foodie shopping place!! ( My faves: Korean steamed dumplings, Ho Tuk -sweet pancakes-- & Deli Manjoo cakes )

We stopped in last night on the way to our place in Temple. While we were waiting for our order of steamed Korean dumplings, I saw this sign -- which never fails to make me laugh!

I thought I would share it!

25 April, 2008

Jubal says "Have a Grrrrreat Weekend!K


It only took about 20 minutes & it only hurt a little teensy bit!

If you are in the Upstate, here is the website for The Blood Connection:


If you are elsewhere... check out where to give locally!

18 April, 2008

RECYCLED BAG from Plastic Bags

This is a tote bag made from strips of plastic grocery bags.

I used the rectangle magenta Knifty Knitter Loom to knit this bag; and then trimmed it with single crochet.

I worked this from the bottom up... and discovered that the "roll" you get when binding off could be used as extra cushioning for the handles.

I am so glad that Bi-Lo uses blue bags now!

17 April, 2008


Here are a few more pics of Jubal's sweater.


This is Jubal's new sweater.

It was made using the yellow Knifty Knitter Long Loom. I made this free form (no pattern); and used acrylic (Red Heart Super Saver, I think) yarn from my yarn stash. I used acrylic for the doggie sweater for easy care.

Once I figured out how to bind the "arm holes", the project was fairly easy. I completed this sweater in a day.

I think Jubal looks quite handsome in his new sweater!

08 April, 2008

07 April, 2008


<---- tandoori chicken, naan & saag... my faves

<----- sweets for the sweet (and me too!)


Sometimes on we sleep in on Sunday mornings... then we get up, get ready & head over to Saffron, the best all around Indian restaurant in Greenville!

To visit Saffron's website: http://www.saffrongreenville.com/

Saffron has very good food, which is always beautifully presented. We have taken folks there who have never had Indian food... and everyone seems to find something to enjoy.

Although Saffron is our family favorite, I also enjoy Swad, which is a very small vegetarian restaurant. In my very humble opinion, Swad is like going over for a home-cooked meal... nothing fancy... just good food! (Swad's website: http://www.swadvegetarianrestaurant.com/)

If you are in Greenville, you should check these spots out! Maybe I will see you there!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

The days are warming up, pollen is everywhere, plants are beginning to bloom... ahhhh, it must be springtime! And what else says spring like BaseBall?

Last year, for my birthday, Sugar Daddy gifted me with quarter-season tickets (for 4) for our local minor-league team, The Greenville Drive, which is affiliated with the Boston Red Sox. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to renew the tickets this year for our anniversary.

(The family that watches baseball together...well, you know the rest!)

To visit the team's website: http://www.greenvilledrive.com/

this picture was taken from http://www.ballparkwatch.com/ website


Greenville does a great job supporting the team, I think. A lot of people turn out... it's a pretty good way for families to enjoy a night out... very kid-friendly! All the kids seem to love our mascot, Reedy Rip It!

( http://www.greenvilleonline.com/ )
We took on the Kannapolis Intimidators, gave a good fight; but ultimately lost! so sad

Here are a few of my shots, taken with a camera phone... so please excuse the quality.

Sugar Daddy and I just love baseball! Can't wait until the next game... Maybe we will even win!

Go Drive!!!

05 April, 2008

Wall Hanging: Day of the Dead #1 ( I know, it's a little early... or is it a little late? oh well...)

This is a Day of the Dead Wallhanging --- that I made for Regina ( over at http://www.monstercrochet.com/ ). I know she likes skulls and DOD... so I am hoping she likes this... I mailed it to her yesterday... I overnighted... so I thought that it would be safe to go ahead and post the pics.
Ta Daaaaa! It's a freeform crochet (of course it is!) project created out of a variety of cotton, acrylic and wool yarns. I created the hanging bar and the "handle" from a drycleaners' hanger, some wire and an assortment from my bead stash!

This project actually started in January... when i received this goody box from Regina... two skeins of her Kool-aid dyed yarns ( http://monstercrochet.blogspot.com/2007/11/round-up.html ) and one of her self-designed chrysanthemum pins ( http://monstercrochet.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-year-chrysanthemums.html ).

How awesome a suprise is that? But what to do? what to do? I wanted to send something back in appreciation... and who doesn't enjoy a suprise in the mail? so I decided to make her a small wallhanging (less than a foot long).

This is how it started out... 2 eyes and a nose... Doesn't look like much there, does it?
started to add the skull around to give some sculptural properties to it...
here is Sugar Daddy modeling it for me...

and here are some shots on the finished piece:
a close-up of some of the beads... this one represents the belief that the departed souls are butterflies...
the beads on the "hanging part"

this is the back of the wallhanging... i put a handprint (my signature, i guess... i just love the handprint!) on the back... to cover some of the not-so-pretty parts!

and then i attached one of my moo cards... love, love, love those things!
here is a shot of the "profile" of the piece... it's not flat... maybe soft-sculptured?

And I used some of Regina's Kool-Aid dyed yarn for the "flowers" around the eyes!

What do you think about this piece? Comments are always welcome...