05 April, 2008

Wall Hanging: Day of the Dead #1 ( I know, it's a little early... or is it a little late? oh well...)

This is a Day of the Dead Wallhanging --- that I made for Regina ( over at http://www.monstercrochet.com/ ). I know she likes skulls and DOD... so I am hoping she likes this... I mailed it to her yesterday... I overnighted... so I thought that it would be safe to go ahead and post the pics.
Ta Daaaaa! It's a freeform crochet (of course it is!) project created out of a variety of cotton, acrylic and wool yarns. I created the hanging bar and the "handle" from a drycleaners' hanger, some wire and an assortment from my bead stash!

This project actually started in January... when i received this goody box from Regina... two skeins of her Kool-aid dyed yarns ( http://monstercrochet.blogspot.com/2007/11/round-up.html ) and one of her self-designed chrysanthemum pins ( http://monstercrochet.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-year-chrysanthemums.html ).

How awesome a suprise is that? But what to do? what to do? I wanted to send something back in appreciation... and who doesn't enjoy a suprise in the mail? so I decided to make her a small wallhanging (less than a foot long).

This is how it started out... 2 eyes and a nose... Doesn't look like much there, does it?
started to add the skull around to give some sculptural properties to it...
here is Sugar Daddy modeling it for me...

and here are some shots on the finished piece:
a close-up of some of the beads... this one represents the belief that the departed souls are butterflies...
the beads on the "hanging part"

this is the back of the wallhanging... i put a handprint (my signature, i guess... i just love the handprint!) on the back... to cover some of the not-so-pretty parts!

and then i attached one of my moo cards... love, love, love those things!
here is a shot of the "profile" of the piece... it's not flat... maybe soft-sculptured?

And I used some of Regina's Kool-Aid dyed yarn for the "flowers" around the eyes!

What do you think about this piece? Comments are always welcome...

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Jane said...

That is really cool!!!