26 July, 2011

Finished: Crochet Squares For Japan

Think of Japan While Knitting is a group that is accepting 4"crocheted squares that are then sorted and stitched into afghans. The afghans are then to he auctioned off for money to be sent to an organization that helps the orphans caused from recent earthquakes & tsunami.

I saw this group on facebook (i believe they have a Ravelry page also); and decided to spend a few hours to make some squares.  They provide the pattern. 

I made seven squares... 7 is my favorite and lucky number.  I made one square to resemble Japan's flag; and the other six are done in different combinations of brown, cream & pink...which remind me of Japanese cherry blossoms. 

They post pics of the squares as they come in... And of the completed afghans. Check out their page...maybe you will want to help out too. 

08 July, 2011

Finished: A Sweater For My Kindle

I decided to make myself a little cozy for my kindle...
This was made by loomknitting a tube on the knifty knitter pink (smallest) long loom.  I used 2 strands of Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn!" brand yarn in pomegranate stripe
Then I crocheted the embellishments... A skull motif, a free-form hand motif w/surface chain spiral and a double ruffle with some acrylic yarn in my stash.
This makes a nice thick and form-fitting sweater cozy...  Perfectly sized for my kindle 2nd gen in its leather case.
Easy Peasy! :-)

Found on the Internet: Double Stitch Twins Patterns

Being in my 40's and zaftig, I doubt that I could get by with wearing some of their designs; but i definitely enjoy looking at what the Double Stitch Twins are designing!

I love the creativity that they are bringing to crochet! They have a good eye for color. Many of their patterns feature versatility in how to wear.  And best of all, one needn't be an Advanced Stitcher to add some funky (and mostly inexpensive) flair to your wardrobe.

In my opinion, these things are important in attracting young stitchers into the crocheting flock ... Which, in turn, keeps new ideas flowing in our community.

Thanks to Red Heart for compiling these patterns:

The Latest Pattern Designs by the Double Stitch Twins | Red Heart

06 July, 2011

Found on the Internetz: Crochet in Fashion

Wow...check out this link...would love to hear what people think about this look:

Nicola Roberts says 'yay' to crochet! | heatworld.com

IMO I think she actually pulls it off...it's quirky for sure, but it works for her.  However, I don't believe it's a look that works for everybody or every body.

But I DO like seeing crochet used in new & unexpected ways!