02 November, 2007


This scurvy little miniature poodle is Jubal.

We adopted him in July from the Greenville Humane Society.

( http://www.greenvillehumane.com )

He was very, very thin and quite shy when we brought him home... but now it's safe to say that he rules the roost!

And this handsome fellow is Gabriel. We adopted him from a rescue shelter called
Hugs for Hounds.

(http://www.hugsforhounds.com )

He is a happy-go-lucky fellow who doesn't really seem to mind that Jubal has hijacked control of the family!

I had never been to an animal shelter before... i was shocked at all of the expensive animals that were there (at the Humane Society)... there were many pure-breed dogs there.

It was so sad to see some of the sweetest animals who have been so mistreated...

Jubal was soooo skinny ( a miniature poodle should weigh 15-17 lbs - he weighed 11 lbs) and his nails had grown so long that his quick was all the way to the end of his nails... he was shaved down and covered with scabs where his hair had become so matted that sores developed.

We literally saved Gabriel from the gallows... we adopted him on a saturday and he was scheduled to be put down the next tuesday... we were just compelled to take him home! He was actually fairly healthy when we got him... physically, that is... he has had some trust issues... you can tell that he was abused... but our son, the Barbarian, has really devoted himself to acclimating Gabe into family life.

And it has really paid off... both doggies have become full-fledged family members!

And even though Gabriel is about 3 times bigger than Jubal... he recognizes that Jubal is in charge!

PLEASE... when you are thinking of enlarging your family with a pet, consider adoption from a shelter or rescue group... and definitely spay or neuter your pets... the shelters are FULL of unwanted pets.

Here is a link to Petfinders: ( www.petfinder.com ) --this links to many shelters and rescue groups nationwide & is a very good place to start when searching for a new family member!

My latest obsession is dog sweaters... i will have pics to post next week!

Have a happy weekend!