09 March, 2008

Brrrr... Jubal is cold this morning... you can tell by his jammies!

Baby It's Cold Outside ... or It's March Winter Madness

Wow... is it just me; or is it awfully cold for March?

Here in Greenville, SC, I actually had to close the windows & turn the heat back on yesterday!

Brrr! Jubal even had to put his jammies on... he was shivering!

And back home in Carroll County, GA, there was a dusting of snow to go along with the chill ... the handsome snowman above was made by my nephew. There wasn't alot of snow to work with...the snowman was only about 6 inches high!

06 March, 2008

How to do the Bullion or Roll Stitch

I just love You Tube!
It's a great medium for passing information to others...
I have trouble with the Bullion or Roll Stitch... and found this on You Tube while looking for the Hourglass Spinner video...
She explains this really well... Hope you find it as informative as I did:

The Fancy Kitty Video on How to Use the Hourglass Spinner

I thought you might enjoy seeing Ron Anderson's video on how to use the hourglass spinner. I am getting geared up to try this!

01 March, 2008


This is where we eat almost every Friday night... out of the taco truck parked in front of Don Pepe Supermercado on Cedar Lane Road.

I had no idea that Greenville had food trucks... but one night we were out riding around and spotted it. We turned around and ordered some tacos; & were HOOKED!

They only serve on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays... 6:00pm thru 5:00am. Tacos are only $2... You can only order Beef or Pork... But there's all kinds of toppings... although you might want to stay away from the super spicy cabbage topping (WOW! it's HOT!)

Best tacos that I have ever had!