19 August, 2011

Finished Object: Z-Bot (An Early Christmas Gift)

Yep...I am Christmas crafting in August.  Usually I am crafting down to the last minute...and even though I probably will be again this year... At least I started earlier! :-)

I just despise the commercialism of Christmas...so every year for Christmas, I try to give our kids (and now grandson) a handmade gift... Something  made especially for the recipient. ..each stitch is an expression of love.

Ok...i am stepping off my soapbox...

The first of my finished gifts is a robot doll for my adorable grandson, Zander (who will be 2 in Feb)... I present Z-bot:

I crocheted all the components from Red Heart yarns...as you can see, most of the pieces are simple rectangles and circles.  I was purposefully going for a "rustic" look. ..simple arms and legs... But the great thing about crochet is that you can create whatever shapes you desire.

I outlined all of the features with the gray so that when i stitched them to the body...then stitched them on the body... free-formed an anntenae ... stuffed the arms and legs... attached them and stuffed head and body. 

I hope he likes it!

What do you think?

This is my first attempt at a toy... have you made toys? if so, I would love to see them!