20 May, 2009

a few more pics of miss tallulah

i just got back from shopping and buying Miss Tallulah a pink collar and leash set, an id tag and a little stuffed duck toy.

when i got home, i saw that Ms GW had sent a few cell phone pics of Miss Tallulah... so of course, i gotta share them!

i can't wait til Saturday!


I think we will be adding a new doggie to our pack this weekend!!!

For a couple of months, we have been looking for an addition to our family, in the form of a miniature poodle companion for Jubal.

We wanted to adopt an unwanted doggie if possible instead of buying from a breeder. This proved to be much more difficult than originally thought!

I placed an ad on craigslist spelling out exactly what we were looking for: a female miniature poodle in the 12-18 lb range... preferably in the 1-4 year range... preferred colors were chocolate, red or black... but would consider any color.

I received several replies to my ad... but all were for toy poodles, not mini. (Jubal is 16/18 lbs-- we want a similar-sized dog so that they can play together without fear of injury).

I searched the petfinder site and contacted a few candidates... but most were actually mis-labled toys.

Miniatures are an obviously misunderstood segment of the poodle world!

So without too high of hopes, we called a shelter in Alabama and learned about a parti-colored mini who weighs about 16 or so pounds. She is about 5 years or so old; and she is already spayed. From how the operator of the shelter describes it, her personality seems perfect for Jubal and our family!

After speaking to the operator of the shelter, we have made arrangements to go visit her (and hopefully bring her home!) on Saturday!

Please wish us luck!

I will update as we progress in this new adventure.

Here are the only pics that I have right now of her:

i know its wrong to steal... but i wanted to have something to look at until saturday... these are the pics that were on the petfinder site (sorry Petfinders and Ms G!)

... but Ms G is going to try to send me a few more pics today! woo hoo

But here is the first look at the future Miss Tallulah Banx Head!

Jubal & Tallulah... has a nice ring to it, doesnt it?

(to be continued)

11 May, 2009

FO Posting: Cleaning Set

Here is my latest FOs: Reversile Swiffer Sock, Dust Mitt, Tawashi and Cotton Dishcloth (woven w\ crochet trim). This matching cleaning set was my gift to my Mom for Mothers Day.

FO Posting:  Cleaning Set

First up is the Reversible Swiffer Sock (for dusting & mopping). This is from a pattern on the craftstylish website. The pattern calls for two solid color yarns for a striping effect; but I prefer the way this variegated (Banana Berry {color 0994} Red Heart Super Saver) yarn worked up.

This is a fairly simple pattern... it only takes a few hours (even for a slow hooker like me!)... when first reading the pattern, i couldn't grasp it... but the accompanying pics (with further explanations) made it crystal clear.

This is the view from the top.

According to the the pattern, the acrylic yarn will build up static electricity, which will make the dust and dirt cling to it... so i modified the idea just a bit to make a dust mitt.

I was running out of the variegated yarn and so added stripes in Spring Green and Bright Yellow Red Heart.

(i seem to have a lot of red heart in my stash)

here is the matching tawashi (which is actually the first piece made of this set)... this one is my own design with sc, hdc, dc and 3-stitch bobbles (for a little extra scrubbiness).

and lastly, here is a dishcloth made from two hand-woven (on a weavette-type rectangle loom) rectangles; and trimmed with crochet. this was made in in matching colorways in Lily Sugar'N Cream cotton yarn. (also from my stash)

i think it looks really nice when folded like this

but when unfolded, you can see the yucky looking middle seam... i just stitched the loops together... but it really turned out ugly. i can tell that i need to experiment with connecting the individual woven pieces!

in hindsight, i think i should have trimmed each rectangles with sc and then crocheted them together and then trimmed with crochet.

any advice or suggestions regarding joining handwoven pieces is much welcomed!

i really liked the eco aspects of using the reversible swiffer sock and am working on one for myself to test the usefulness of these (and waiting on my mom's review); if the results are positive, then i will probably make me about 3 for myself to use.