20 May, 2009


I think we will be adding a new doggie to our pack this weekend!!!

For a couple of months, we have been looking for an addition to our family, in the form of a miniature poodle companion for Jubal.

We wanted to adopt an unwanted doggie if possible instead of buying from a breeder. This proved to be much more difficult than originally thought!

I placed an ad on craigslist spelling out exactly what we were looking for: a female miniature poodle in the 12-18 lb range... preferably in the 1-4 year range... preferred colors were chocolate, red or black... but would consider any color.

I received several replies to my ad... but all were for toy poodles, not mini. (Jubal is 16/18 lbs-- we want a similar-sized dog so that they can play together without fear of injury).

I searched the petfinder site and contacted a few candidates... but most were actually mis-labled toys.

Miniatures are an obviously misunderstood segment of the poodle world!

So without too high of hopes, we called a shelter in Alabama and learned about a parti-colored mini who weighs about 16 or so pounds. She is about 5 years or so old; and she is already spayed. From how the operator of the shelter describes it, her personality seems perfect for Jubal and our family!

After speaking to the operator of the shelter, we have made arrangements to go visit her (and hopefully bring her home!) on Saturday!

Please wish us luck!

I will update as we progress in this new adventure.

Here are the only pics that I have right now of her:

i know its wrong to steal... but i wanted to have something to look at until saturday... these are the pics that were on the petfinder site (sorry Petfinders and Ms G!)

... but Ms G is going to try to send me a few more pics today! woo hoo

But here is the first look at the future Miss Tallulah Banx Head!

Jubal & Tallulah... has a nice ring to it, doesnt it?

(to be continued)


RagamuffinQuilts said...

Oh how sweet, such a good thing to rescue a poor pup in need of a good home. Jubal will be excited to have a new friend!

tooky said...

that is cute