10 April, 2010

Donnie's Jayne Cobb's Cunning Hat (Crochet)

Here is @Donnie6DI with his replica Jayne Cobb's Cunning Hat.  He seems pleased with it. 

I love making things for appreciative folks! :-)


"A man walks down the street wearing that hat, people know he isn't afraid of anything."

"Damn straight!"

FO: Crochet Version of Jayne Cobb's Cunning Hat (from Firefly)

Last week one of my twitter friends, @Donnie6DI, asked if I could make him a replica of a #nerdtastic hat from the television show, 'Firefly'.

Since I was unfamiliar with the show, I turned to Google for help.  Turns out, this hat is a big deal in the crafty/geeky community.  There are tons of versions of this hat on the internets... I looked at them all and pictures of the original; and here is what I came up with.

FO: Crochet Square for Prayer Shawl

Here is my contribution to a prayer shawl for a friend of one of my twitter pals.

I used Hobby Lobby's " I Love This Yarn!" (Can you tell that this is one of my favorite acrylics?  Lol); and I adapted Deneen's Baby Bubbles Blanket stitch pattern, and then edged with double crochet.

FO: Hand Weaving & Crochet /Google On Main (a fiber tagging project)

Here is a Fiber Tagging or Yarnbombing project that I installed on Main Street in support of the Google On Main initiative.

It is composed of handwoven squares with freeform crochet lettering and a crochet border... made from acrylic yarns from my stash. 

It remained on Main Street for 4 days until Sugar Daddy went to retrieve it. 

For more info on the Greenville Google On Main project:  www.wearefeelinglucky.com

On twitter, follow the hashtags #LuckyGVL and #GoogleOnMain

FO: Crochet Baby Bubbles Blanket for Baby Brayden

I used Deneen St. Armour's Baby Bubbles pattern for this blanket for a friend's new grandbaby.

I used Hobby Lobby's 'I Love This Yarn!'

I used an M hook with double strands instead of a J hook with a single strand like I used for Baby Zander's Blanket.

FO: LoomKnit Kindle Sweaters w/ Crochet Embellishment

Here are a few Kindle Sweaters that I have made. 

These are loomknit using the pink knifty knitter long loom (using acrylic yarn from my stash) with a freeform crochet handprint. If you know me, you know how I love the handprint motif!

09 April, 2010

FO: Felted Crochet Bird Brooch w/ Hanger & Amethyst Jewelry

I just wanted to share this sweet little bird brooch (from Linda Permann's book "Crochet Adorned").  After crocheting, the bird and the hanger, I felted them in the washing machine.

And then attached my first real attempt at designing jewelry: a memory wire bracelet with amethyst chips, glass beads & shell beads.  The earrings contain the same components but have sterling silver head pins & ear wires.