14 December, 2007

THE KING OF COOL (mobile blogging)

As I am trying to learn about mobile blogging, I came across this picture that proves that Jubal is the KING OF COOL!

This is a picture of Jubal in his seat on the back of the motorcycle!

He really does like to ride... Don't worry, he is harnessed in and attached to me... he is safe!

Check out his cool Doggles!

Steve McQueen was NEVER so cool!!!

Look once... Look twice... Motorcycles are everywhere!


New Body Ornamentation (mobile blogging)

I got a new nose ring! woo hoo

A Tale of Two Sweaters

Once upon a time I got a set of Knifty Knitter Looms.

I was thinking of projects that would utilize my new toys... and BINGO!

It hit me... why not make a doggie sweater?

The stretchy cylndrical shape seemed PERFECTO for chilly puppies.

After a little trial and error in making the leg openings... I came up with a workable sweater for Jubal.

(I will try to post my "pattern" later)

I made this with two strands of acrylic camo-variegated yarn and then trimmed it with two strands of a bright hunter orange.

I was going for the "hunting-dog-look". Kind of a "tongue-in-cheek" look for a pampered miniature poodle.

Jubal loves his little sweater.

He wears it when hunting for a warm lap to sit on!

<---------- ( here it appears, he has hunted down a "Daddy" )
He also wears it when he is "On Patrol" in the front window!

Then I thought that I should make Gabriel a sweater too.

I thought it would be cute for Gabriel and Jubal to have matching sweaters.

Gabriel looked very handsome in his sweater.

He seemed to like it... so I went inside.

It must have looked tasty to Gabriel, because when checked in on him about an hour later, the sweater appeared to have been ... uh... eaten.

I am guessing... either he ate it... or some sweater-eating Zombie attacked him and he was lucky to escape with his life!!!

We are just glad that he's ok...

Either way, it will probably be a while before I make Gabe a sweater again!

But I won't let it stop me from using my Knifty Knitter Set!

... More to come ...

MY FIRST DOGGIE SWEATER (mobile blogging)

This is the first sweater that I made for Jubal.

It is made of wool-ease yarn.

this was a free form project, which meant a lot of 'fittings'!

Jubal was not happy with the process...

but when cold weather came around, he didn't fight wearing the sweater!

POODLES IN PAJAMAS (mobile blogging)

Here is a picture that is too cute for words! Jubal napping in his new 'jammies'!! sweet dreams!

Edit: I am trying to understand mobile blogging... i am having difficulties in doing this correctly... can't get the token or claim to get in... and so have to email my posts in. So far, I am not too crazy about this... although I think that it will help me to actually post like I want to.

If I dont do it when I am thinking about it, then I may never get around to it! I know, I know... I am a slacker!!!

My pictures look fine on my phone... but when i post to Blogger, the pics look dark. Plus, I am having to go in and edit out the verizon message about pix... I dont know why it bothers me... but it does!

I have an email in to blogger... maybe i can figure this stuff out!

13 December, 2007

another commissioned piece... w00t w00t w007

I just wanted to show pics of a wallhanging that was commissioned to hang in a little girl's room.

I used a variety of yarns... commercial wools, handcrafted wool, acrylic & cotton yarns. I hung this piece from bamboo, using a rod-sleeve.

The wallhanging is called "Sweet Dreams, Devan".

I utilized my favorite motif, the hand print... in this case, symbolizing the love of GOD... along with star motifs and a moon motif. The colors are mostly purples and greens... with other colors thrown in for variety.... My hope was that this wallhanging evokes peaceful and loving feelings for Devan as she sleeps!

i think the pic came out a little dark... which makes it hard to see the detail... sorry.

<--------- this is a picture that Devan's mom got to go in the room also... she bought it independently of the wallhanging and what a neat suprise: the colors of the dress almost perfectly match the variegated yarn in one of the stars!!!! serendipity, baby!

i hope Devan & her parents enjoy her new wallhanging!