13 December, 2007

another commissioned piece... w00t w00t w007

I just wanted to show pics of a wallhanging that was commissioned to hang in a little girl's room.

I used a variety of yarns... commercial wools, handcrafted wool, acrylic & cotton yarns. I hung this piece from bamboo, using a rod-sleeve.

The wallhanging is called "Sweet Dreams, Devan".

I utilized my favorite motif, the hand print... in this case, symbolizing the love of GOD... along with star motifs and a moon motif. The colors are mostly purples and greens... with other colors thrown in for variety.... My hope was that this wallhanging evokes peaceful and loving feelings for Devan as she sleeps!

i think the pic came out a little dark... which makes it hard to see the detail... sorry.

<--------- this is a picture that Devan's mom got to go in the room also... she bought it independently of the wallhanging and what a neat suprise: the colors of the dress almost perfectly match the variegated yarn in one of the stars!!!! serendipity, baby!

i hope Devan & her parents enjoy her new wallhanging!

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