14 June, 2011

Watch This Space: Reorganizing My Thoughts / Getting Back On Track

wow... i realized today that i havent spent much time on my blog... i have never been great at regularly posting ... but its been 9 months since i posted here :-(


i dont know... lack of focus maybe? during the past year... we have uprooted and moved to a different part of the country... spent almost 6 months to find a permanent house... which means 6 months of a nomadic-type life... almost a year of battling home-sickness... missing my son, daughter-in-law & baby grandson who live in georgia... then dealing with the long-distance effects of being away from my extended family while two of my uncles (twins) battled cancer... one passed away in January 2010... he was 61...and the other, who was much more than an uncle to me... more like a father... passed away in May...just 3 months after celebrating his 62 birthday.

to tell the truth, i am having a super hard time with his death... there were 2 people... and only 2... that i could be my completely uncensored self with... that i never had to worry what they would think of me when i let my thoughts fly... one is my husband... the other, i lost on may 12, 2011.

so i guess you could say that i have been derailed... my mind was in a lot of places... i didnt even feel like posting... even though i was working on crafts all the while... i just didnt feel like taking pictures and writing about them...

but as we are getting really settled into our new life in Philadelphia... and with the help of family and friends (i hope you all know who you are -- i am a better person for knowing you!), i am learning how to cope with the devastating holes in my family's fabric... i think i am ready to climb back on track soon.

i have decided that this blog will be mostly craft oriented... i have started a tumblr blog for my food-related posts... so if thats what you are interested in... check it out (not much there yet... but i am working on it):  kuiadore

so watch this spot... and bear with me...as i try to get back on that blogging horse and ride :-)