06 July, 2011

Found on the Internetz: Crochet in Fashion

Wow...check out this link...would love to hear what people think about this look:

Nicola Roberts says 'yay' to crochet! | heatworld.com

IMO I think she actually pulls it off...it's quirky for sure, but it works for her.  However, I don't believe it's a look that works for everybody or every body.

But I DO like seeing crochet used in new & unexpected ways!


CrochetBlogger said...

I love that dress, actually, not that I think it would look great on me. It's a House of Holland design, I believe. There's a really awesome looking jacket sleeveless dress they did that looks similar.

Fiber Deviant said...

yah... i dont think it would look good on me either... but i think that it is one granny square dress that actually works!

hmmmm... i will check out the House of Holland... sounds interesting... thanks for the heads up! :-)