26 July, 2011

Finished: Crochet Squares For Japan

Think of Japan While Knitting is a group that is accepting 4"crocheted squares that are then sorted and stitched into afghans. The afghans are then to he auctioned off for money to be sent to an organization that helps the orphans caused from recent earthquakes & tsunami.

I saw this group on facebook (i believe they have a Ravelry page also); and decided to spend a few hours to make some squares.  They provide the pattern. 

I made seven squares... 7 is my favorite and lucky number.  I made one square to resemble Japan's flag; and the other six are done in different combinations of brown, cream & pink...which remind me of Japanese cherry blossoms. 

They post pics of the squares as they come in... And of the completed afghans. Check out their page...maybe you will want to help out too. 


CrochetBlogger said...

Love the idea to do one inspired by Japan's flag!

Fiber Deviant said...