24 September, 2008

THE WEEKEND IN PICTURES (moblogging) (edited to add captions)

<--- it was my nephew, M's 9th birthday. this is the cake that Nana (my mom) made for him... it has M's jersey number on it! It was quite yummy!

<--- here is M after his game on saturday... his team, the carrollton raiders won (they played the heard county team): 27 - 0.

<--- here is a shot of the game... sorry, that's as close as my phone camera gets.

<--- here is jubal at the game. he is reclining under an umbrella (we had to sit on the grass because dogs arent allowed... who knew?)
and in the right-hand corner, you can see that i brought a crochet project to work on during the game (i am thinking felted hat).

<--- here is M and his dad, FB, playing around with some of M's birthday gifts.

<--- nothing says "i love you" like beef from the big green egg!

<--- here is a cute shot of gabriel riding in the car. he is sad because the barbarian went to the anime weekend in atlanta and left him with us all weekend... i think he was feeling abandoned. gabe sure was happy when he saw the barbarian again!

also went to sunday dinner at my uncle's house. lots of extended family were there... so great to see everyone. but it was kind of a bittersweet deal... my uncle starts an aggressive radiation treatment regime starting next week for lung cancer... all prayers and positive thoughts are welcomed... thanks.


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RagamuffinQuilts said...

What a great cake for your nephew!

Congrats to him and his team for such a HUGE win.

Sorry to hear about your uncle, best wishes and prayers to him and your entire family during this difficult time.