09 September, 2008


tentative plan for ladybug bag

The other weekend, at my extended family's Sunday dinner, one of my cousins mentioned that she had seen a picture of a cute little backpack with a ladybug design. She was wondering if I might be able to make something like that for her. I told her that I would try to come up with something.

I thought I would use my Decor Accents small-gauge loom to make the "body" of the bag. I went ahead and crocheted the ladybugs... I decided to make three ladybugs to represent my cousin and her two children. I will applique the ladybugs to the bag with surface crochet. I haven't decided how I want to do the spots yet... maybe buttons?

The yarn is the Hobby Lobby brand acrylic, "I Love This Yarn". I chose this yarn for ease of care, which I feel is important for a working mother with two young toddlers.

So here is the start of this project. I will post pictures as it progresses... I thought she might enjoy watching its development.

L, this is your bag...


knittyvritti said...

that is very creative! what a great gift.

maryeb said...

Clever idea. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.