29 September, 2008


here is a picture of our supper...

baked chicken thighs - (marinated in the homade hot sauce from the pita house restaurant, olive oil & lemon juice --- baked on a broiler pan at 425 degrees for about 45 minutes)

marinated tomato & onion salad - (olive oil, seasoned rice vinegar & assorted herbs)

my version of foul mudammes (rhymes with yule mudammes - ok, so i can't think of anything to rhyme with mudammes...lol)

--- i used 2 lbs of dried small fava beans (soaked and cooked in a little olive oil, water, bay leaf, parsley, onion and garlic until soft

--- in an empty pan, heat some olive oil, chop and add an onion, cook for a few minutes until onion softens a little, add some minced garlic & cook a little longer, this should smell good already

--- add two drained cans of diced tomato & cook for about 5 minutes or so

--- add some salt, chili powder, curry powder cumin, ground cloves, cinnamon, tumeric, and cayenne pepper (all to taste) - squeeze in some lime or lemon juice... stir well and cook for 5 to 7 minutes (your tummy should be growling now...lol)

--- add the cooked beans (you could use cans of fava beans, i guess) & stir

--- simmer for about 15 - 20 minutes

--- when ready to serve,i season the individual servings by pouring olive oil , squeezing a lime or lemon and sprinkling with parsley (chopped fresh is best!)

--- enjoy. (this is a variation of a traditional egyptian breakfast dish)

this meal was topped off with zataar bread purchased from the pita house restaurant on south pleasantburg drive... phone: (864) 271-9895 ).

and some fresh grapes (from bi-lo, of course) for dessert!



CAPITAL dinner!! how about round 2?

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Yummmmmy! We had chicken thighs/drum sticks tonight too. AND tomato/onion salad in balsamic dressing last night - hee hee.

Wow, we even have FOOD in common. LOL :D

Isis said...

YUM! Now I am hungry. . . .

inkberryblue said...

My mouth is watering. =]

Sugar Daddy said...

Man o man you can cook.... Cobbler in the future? How about Cuban sandwiches?? Or Chuck Roast,,, or Boneless Skinless Thighs on your waffle cornbread smothered in homemade gravy. I could name 50 items off your "menu" that Jordan and I want.......Hey....Am I allowed to comment on your stuff since I have a great prejudice in your favor???