29 September, 2008

WEEKEND WRAP-UP from my mobile phone

<--- what a difference the right tool makes! i ordered the heavy-duty loom tool from decor accents; and it really is so much easier to loom knit!

and as you can see... i have started on the strap to the ladybug bag! woo hoo

my SIL and nephew (D & K) came into town from georgia for a visit... they came for the Bi-Lo Certified Angus Beef Cook-Off; but weather did not cooperate (yucky drizzle rain all day), so the event was postponed.

Sugar Daddy was more than a little bummed... he had really put a lot in the event... last year was the first one; and the turn-out was so great that he (and the whole Bi-Lo team) was inspired to make the 2nd annual one even better! hopefully it will be rescheduled soon...

for official info: http://my.bi-lo.com/wps/wcm/connect/Content%20Library/bi-lo/mainnav/promotions/certified+angus+beef+backyard+grill+off

<---- this was K's first visit to greenville, so we definitely wanted to show him the beautiful Falls Park, smack in the middle of downtown greenville... http://www.fallspark.com/

<--- i had been reading about this... not really sure how i feel about the curfew... here are some articles on this:




<--- construction on main street

<--- checking out bald rock on the way to ceasar's head... glad we did... caesar's head was so foggy, we couldnt see a thing!

<--- we also visited one of our favorite weekend haunts... the taco truck on cedar lane. the best tacos that i have ever had... love, love, love this place!

<--- there must have been some kind of car show going on sunday... there were several really cool cars there... this was my fave! sorry about the bad cell phone pic... it was getting dark.

<--- our older son (who got chickens a couple of weeks ago) sent us this lovely pic of the first egg collection!

and that is just a taste of what we did!

edited to add captions


RagamuffinQuilts said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great weekend. Bummer on the bad weather for the cook-off. It sure sounded yummy.

Yeah on the new tool. Amazing how well things work when we buy the right tools, huh?! I'm always trying to cut corners or not follow the "rules" but 9 of 10 times my life would be easier otherwise. LOL

FabricsNQuilts said...

Beautiful pics of Greenville! Very pretty place to live.

That tool looks intimidating. You could put an eye out!

Isis said...

That building on Main Street gets bigger every time I turn around! And I am going to have to look for the taco truck--I had not seen it before, but it sounds awesome.