11 September, 2008

A Quick and Easy Project

These fingerless gloves were made with the 'In The Attic' mitten loom.

These are a little tight on me... I will probably make some more using the small knifty knitter loom...

Here is how I did it:

I used 2 strands of Red Heart SuperSaver

E-wrap and knit off 10 rows normally (1 over 1)
Make a cuff... bring the bottom stitches up and put them on the pegs all the way around, you will have 2 loops on each peg

E-wrap around the loom... there will now be 3 loops on each peg

Knit off the 11th row by lifting the 2 bottom loops over the top one

For rows 12 - 25, E-wrap around loom twice and knit off 2 over 1

Take loop off of peg 11 and place on peg 10
Take loop off of peg 12 and place on peg 11
Put top loop from peg 10 onto peg 11 & knit off

Take loop off of peg 14 and place on peg 15
Take loop off of peg 13 and place on peg 14
Put top loop from peg 15 onto peg 14 & knit off

E-wrap until there are 4 loops on all pegs EXCEPT for pegs 12 & 13 (those pegs should have 3)

Knit off 3 over 1 except pegs 12 & 13 (2 over 1)... this is row 26

For Rows 27 - 31: E-wrap and knit off 2 over 1

Cut off long tail (which is 4 times around the outside of loom)... thread tail onto a yarn needle... and E-stitch to bind off... go up through loop on peg 2.... down through loop on peg 1... up at peg 3... and down at peg 2... up at peg 4... down at peg 3... and so on and so on until all loops have been stitched through... take off of loom

voila! you have a fingerless glove... repeat process to make another glove!

1 comment:

Brandy said...

OH! I love fingerless gloves! You should make some black ones and throw a skull patch on there. That would be rocker. Hmmm...maybe I'll do that myself and use GLOW-IN-THE-DARK yarn :-)