31 January, 2009


If you know Sugar Daddy & me IRL, then you know that we love to search out new places to "get our food fix on". We love little "hole-in-the-wall" places... in my opinion, they often have the best foods.

Ethnic foods are a fave of ours. Many times you can get a great meal for the same price as fast food... it's a deal and usually nutritious.

Here is what I had for lunch the other day: beef empanadas, beef tongue tacos & Colombian hot sauce. DELICIOUS!

I found this tasty meal at El Carretero on Laurens Road (as it enters into Mauldin) (near the Pumpers gas station).

I love the pictures of the food above the ordering window. It helps me because I speak no Spanish. I can read a little, but I can't seem to speak too well. And the gentleman who runs this place is bi-lingual, so no problems.

The restaurant area is nothing fancy... just a few tables in the back of the store. But I gotta tell you, the Colombian food they serve is very good and very affordable.

If you enjoy Colombian cuisine, give it a whirl.

(also try Cositas Ricas on West Parker Road... best breakfast with cafe' con leche in town!)

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JulieisWHOA said...

I'll have to check that place out next time I come up! Looks good.