09 January, 2009


The Wednesday night fiber group is working on a group project...an afghan. The members made individual squares and then volunteers are putting the squares into strips to be joined together.

I have volunteered to work 3 strips...the pics are of my progress so far. i am putting the last border on row 4, which is almost complete. And I went ahead and joined rows 6&7 together.

This has been a really interesting project. I get to see and examine the wonderful squares as I am binding them together. It has also been a little nerve-wracking...because I want to do everyone's squares justice in the whole project...I think my job is to make all of the squares work together as a cohesive piece; and yet still showcase the individual works.

A lot of the squares used neutral colors...and a few were brightly hued...so i tried to use the binding to tie them all together.

I can't wait to see the completed project...I am honored to be a part of it...hope the recipient likes it!


JulieisWHOA said...

It's looking really nice so far!!! :D

Brandy said...

This is going to turn out great! I can't wait to see the finished afghan! I hate that I couldn't be more involved. We all appreciate your hard work though!