11 January, 2009


Ahhhhhh...now that the holidays are over, I have been able to get back on track with the fiber.

As usual, I underestimated my time to complete projects...I got almost everything done... except for the camo scarf I was working on for my younger son...so for Christmas, he had half a scarf...lol. He is a good egg and allowed me to finish his scarf at a more leisurely pace.

I finished up my work on the YOC project and then got busy on the scarf. Here it is...please excuse the poor quality of the pics...I couldn't get the lighting right.

This scarf was made with my Wonder Loom from www.dalooms.com -- and made with the self-striping camo acrylic from 'I Love This Yarn!' Hobby Lobby Brand yarn...and trimmed in the orange solid of the same brand. I really do like the way this yarn works up! I know a lot of fiber folks frown upon acrylic...but sometimes I use acrylic for easy care and allergy issues.

Whew! I am glad to mark another project off my list!!!

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JulieisWHOA said...

Yay! You finished it! :D It looks really good!