22 February, 2009

FO ALERT: Guilt-free Chocolate Beret

I finished the beret that I was making for Lady C, who if you remember, brought me back an awesome gift back from Germany: an awesome bag o' yarn!

This beret is based on the one from Crochet Today magazine that I made for my cousin.
(and the one for my sis.) I made a few changes ... but it is basically the same hat.

Here are some close-up shots of the yarn... this is a wool that i picked up in Carrollton, Ga at Ewe Knit ... love that shop! I saw it and just fell in yarn love with it... I knew it would make something wonderful!

I certainly hope that she likes it; and knows how much I appreciated her gift!
And now for something entirely different! Here is a picture of Jubal in his "bunny disguise"... i guess he is getting ready for spring! lol

He is such a cutie!

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