07 February, 2009


It's been so chilly here in the Upstate, that I had Jubal skip a groomer appointment. And as a result, he was looking mighty shaggy!

Earlier this week, I had gotten a call from the vet office telling me that they had a new groomer...i didn't ask what happened to the previous one... but I was kinda bummed out... i hate 'breaking in' new groomers... lol

But I have to admit, she did a really good job! His face and feet were done exactly right... she did his toenails and brushed his teeth.

And then I saw his tail... oh no! I am sure it is my fault... I don't think I mentioned how I wanted his tail. We talked about keeping his ears and topknot short because he likes to run with the goats when we are in Georgia. Replaying the conversation, and I can't remember mentioning his tail... we leave the whole thing bushy...usually that is! lol

Oh well...it will grow back! It's not too bad... but you can bet that I will remember to mention the tail next time!

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