26 February, 2009

And Now Some Meals That Didn't Suck...

I was going through my phone, clearing out the memory... gosh it fills up fast! And I came across these shots that I haven't posted yet.

So here goes:

Scrambled eggs
smoked sausage
stone-ground grits

Now this one may not look all that appetizing... but trust me, this one is yummy! Sometimes we like to have breakfast foods for supper. I have never been crazy about eggs... I almost always have to "trick" myself into eating them. My great-uncle taught me to mix all my breakfast items together.... not attractive... but even now, i eat it this way.

grilled hotdogs (hebrew national... the only kind i like)
on tortillas
grilled onions
ore-ida french fries

my most recent plate from Saffron Indian Restaurant... delicious!

grilled smoked porkchops
roasted corn w/ onions & diced tomatoes
crowder peas with assorted wilted lettuces

grilled chicken thighs (marinated in a Colombian hotsauce)
lima beans
roasted okra w/ tomatoes

red velvet cupcakes
pistachio cupcake
yellow cupcake w/chocolate frosting

These are from Iced, the new cupcake shop on Wade Hampton Blvd...

This is the only disappointment in the bunch... and it is only a small one... they were OK... just not great. (does this look like $10 worth of cupcakes to you?)

For the price, I expected great.

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