10 February, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know that my nephew's dog is back home!
My sis called me this morning to let me know that he had been found. A lady noticed him wandering around and took him home out of concern that he might be hit by a car.

She made up a flier and and when she went to put it up, she noticed he was already on a flier! So she called my sis and made arrangements to get Jack back home! so nice!

Speaking of nice... thanks to everyone who responded and offered help through email, Twitter and craigslist. I appreciate everyones' concern. It is quite interesting to see how electronic communications can be used in situations like this. I had tweets and emails (a lot of which i accessed via my mobile phone) trying to pinpoint the areas where Jack might be. Some were people who I have never made acquaintance with... they were twitter friends of twitter friends of twitter friends!


I will sleep better tonight knowing that Jack and my nephew are reunited!
Thanks Again, Everyone!

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