11 February, 2009


I received a text message from a friend,Lady C ...the message said to check my car where I would find a gift from her recent trip to Germany.

WOW!!! what an awesome gift... great balls of imported yarn!! Aren't they beautiful? I spent at least 30 minutes just petting and touching the yarn.(C told me that her Granddaughter kept holding the yarn & saying that it felt just like her 'Lubby' (her blanket- she can't say 'Lovey')

And I love the colors! I also appreciate the variety of yarns! C said that her mom commented that there wasn't enough of one kind of yarn to make anything with... C told her, "You don't know Joanna... she can use it!"

Right on, C! That is one of the things that I like about freeform crochet: i can mix & match at will! Freeform is also great for using yarn left over from 'main stream' projects!

OK... enough talk... I gotta go play with yarn!

Thank you sooooo much, C!

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