26 February, 2009


I don't know why... just the urge to try new things, I guess that's what persuaded me to try them. They seemed so harmless there... lying in the plastic-wrapped tray. I researched recipes on the internet... and discovered that a lot of people like pigfeet. They have kind of a cult status.

They smelled so good cooking... the whole house smelled of pork, onions & garlic with a little bay leaf and seasonings.

So how could they taste sooooooooo bad? i don't think that anymore words are necessary... just watch Sugar Daddy's expression as he tries to keep his bite down... I confess: I spit mine out!

But Gabe (our outside doggie) seemed to love them as he scarfed them down (after Sugar Daddy picked the bones out).

As with all new food experiences, you win some -- you lose some!

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