20 February, 2009


I celebrated the big 4 - 0 this week; and I have to admit that Sugar Daddy outdid himself in the gifting department.

He walked in with a Barnes & Nobles reusable shopping bag (a nod to my serious reading habit and my trying to be a little greener... was my thought). After dinner (a wonderful Vietnamese take-out feast... love that Saigon Fast Food on Pleasantburg Rd!), it was Present Time!

Sugar Daddy doled out the contents (all wrapped in colorful tissue paper by the man himself, so sweet) of the bag:

1. Garmin nuvi 765T GPS
2. an envelop containing hotel cofirmation (for Sptember) for 8 days\7 nights in NYC
(on Times Square)
3. book: a Knopf Mapguide to New York
4. book: another New York Mapguide
5. book: 1000 things to do in New York
6. book: ZAGAT guide to NYC restaurant for 2009
7. book: the Unofficial Guide to NYC
8. book Fodor's NYC 2009

Wow! I almost threw up ... that is how excitted I was! I have never been to NYC--but have always wanted to go.

And then, he told me the rest: We are going to drive!

He knows that I have an unnatural fear of flying (never flown & hopefully never will... it is really not the flying that scares me... if I had wings, I would gladly flit about... it is the crashing that scares me the most).

So we will be driving; and the first stop will be 1 night & 1 day in DC (never been there either!) and then we will spend 1 night & 1 day in Philadelphia (never been there... Liberty Bell, here I come!)

What a wonderful and exciting gift! Sugar Daddy, you are the greatest! I love you so much!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Maybe I should turn 40 more often!


Brandy said...

What a great birthday present and what a great trip you guys will have!!! I must say though that 1 day will simply not be enough in D.C.! Going to D.C. was my best vacation ever. If you only have one day of sightseeing I recommend checking out the monuments and Arlington!
Anyway, YEA!!! New York!!! I've always wanted to go as well but am scared to death of flying or crashing as you say.
WAY TO GO SUGAR DADDY ;-) Excellent Birthday!
Take lots of pictures and post often!!!
See I'm so excited I'm rambling...and I'm not even going!

RagamuffinQuilts said...

GREAT b-day for you! Happy belated to you! Sugar Daddy did good! I agree with Brandy, 1 day in D.C. is just not enough. I used to go every year to visit a friend for about 4 years straight and still not seen it all. NYC - always wanted to go there too. Yes, take lots of pics and post them for us. If you hear a little ruckis from your truck, it's just me tagging along. lol