03 February, 2009


Today while reading a few blogs on WYFF's Sound off South Site (which this little blog is included on!), I found this blog post which posed the question of where you would take Anthony Bourdain if he were shooting his show in Greenville.

I found this idea intriguing... I love food... good food, that is!

(Since moving here a few years ago, I have found that there are alot of restaurants in Greenville... but not too many that I am fond of! no offense intended!)

I have 2 ideas:

#1. Focusing on the Diversity of Greenville's Foodscene (pick & choose)
a. the taco truck (Mexican) on Cedar Lane Road (only Fri, Sat & Sun nights)
b. Saffron (Indian) @ intersection of Woodruff Road & Miller Road
c. Korean BBQ (Korean) @ intersection of Woodruff Road & Miller Road also
d. Saigon Fast Food (Vietnamese) on Pleasantburg Road
e. Pita House (Middle Eastern\Lebanese) on Pleasantburg Road
f. Zamorah's (Southern\Soul\Meat &3) on Whitehorse Road
g. El Carretero (Colombian) on Laurens Road
h. Cositas Ricas (Colombian) on West Parker Road
i. Pomegranate On Main (Persian) on Main Street
j. Thai Restaurant (Thai) on Augusta Road

#2. "Greenville" spots
a. Tanners Big Orange (serving Greenville over 70 years)
b. Charlie's Steakhouse (serving Greenville over 80 years)
c. Handlebar (unique Greenville eatery)
d. Soby's (unique Greenville eatery)
e. brief overview Greenville's Main Street (restaurants & events)

so that is what I would suggest if Anthony Bourdain were to ask me where to go in Greenville!

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Otis said...

Some really good ideas here. I feel like an idiot for not getting Charlie's in my original post. Well done.