08 February, 2009

THERAPUTIC STITCHERY (starting a new piece for fun and relaxation!)

Before, during and even after the holidays, I was involved in very functional items...most were gifts: scarves, hats, bags, afghans, etc. One of my resolutions for 2009 was to "finish up loose ends"... figuratively, as in straightening out some personal issues... but also literally, as in finishing up some hibernating fiber projects.

I got a good many of the fiber projects finished; and so I decided to to start a strictly non-functional freeform project. For me, it is so enjoyable not knowing how a project is going to end up! I can just add on what and where I feel like. It is a very relaxing... almost meditative quality, for me, in just mixing up colors, stitches and types of yarns ...i get so in the zone that i have been told my mantra should be "loop...loop... stitch." (are they making fun of me?)

Here are pics of the new piece, a Day of the Dead inspired piece. I love all of the bright colors associated with the festival; and I love the appreciation of ancestors ... and really the appreciation of life and its cycle. So far,this has been a fun piece to work on!


inkberryblue said...

How imaginative...I've never freeformed but I'd really like to ~ I love the notion of not knowing where a piece will end up (I experience that feeling when I'm painting pictures.) Thanks for the inspiration. =]

Carol Sloan said...

Hi! I found your blog on "Sound Off South". I am a fiber artist from Piedmont. Love your crochet! Awesome job!