27 March, 2009


We decided to check out a new Greenville attraction: Westend Movies on S. Main Street. I was really impressed. (And how cool was it that we were the first customers? lol)

Above is Sugar Daddy & The Barbarian chillaxin'.

I think it is a great concept; and can definitely imagine it becoming a Greenville institution. The venue itself is simple & pleasing... a few pub tables with stools and rows of nice folding canvas chairs. And they don't mind if you move'em around... giving you plenty of leg room! The movie screen is hung on a brick wall; speakers mounted overhead. I would call it an unabashedly urban setting.

The plan is to screen classic and independent movies. They are planning on several series of movies... the one most interesting to me is the Bollywood movies (the only time that I have seen one in a theater, we had to drive to Atlanta!) But there will be classic westerns, comedies & sci-fi \ horror flicks coming up soon!

The tickets were $3 apiece (as I believe most of the flicks will be); although some of the other movies may cost a little more (like the Bollywood flicks)... wow! an affordable night out!

Tonight's flick was STAGECOACH w\ John Wayne...plus Superman cartoons & a charming newsreel featuring GM's 50 millionth car!

The concessions are simple but adequate: normal-sized bags of popcorn, bottled and canned drinks & bags of candies (i remember m & m's {plain & peanut} and skittles... may have been others)... and here is a novel idea for a movie... REASONABLY PRICED -- nothing over $2.

Picture above is owners (so nice to have met The Fowlers!) and snazzily- attired usher greeting and serving movie-goers. The Fowlers have an accent that they blamed on their having been in Atlanta... but I am from that area... and I can assure you, my accent is NOTHING like that... LOL!

Here is a close-up of our lovely attendant! (I am so sorry, I didn't get her name! Please forgive)
I just love that uniform!

shhhhhhhh.... here is a screenshot of the movie... just to show you what it's like!

another shot... showing the set-up.

The only down-side is that Mr. Jubal had to stay at home... although he dearly loves to go to the movies...lol.

I think that this business will definitely add to the fabric of Greenville. And I hope to see y'all there in the future... maybe even this weekend... they are showing STREETFIGHTER w/ Sonny Chiba! Awwwwwww... Kung Fu!

edited to add: i forgot to mention, bring cash... at this time, westend movies doesn't take credit cards... although you can order tix online on the website ( www.westendmovies.com ) via paypal.


Miss Destructo said...

That looks awesome! I want to MST3k the whole thing. I will be there this Sat after the Trolley Party if it doesn't get all rained out.

Miss Destructo said...

Mr. Jubal. How adorable. Such a great haircut too!

tooky said...

wat is jubial doing with yoron i like the color of the brown it pretty and cool