11 March, 2009

WATCHMEN MOVIE IS EPIC FAIL... but the book is so good

The family decided to take in the Watchmen flick... man! I wish I had those couple of hours back!

The best part of the movie was getting Sugar Daddy & The Barbarian to pose!

Sugar Daddy measuring up to Dr. Manhattan... and he does... with ease!

I just recently purchased the graphic novel by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons; and it is really Good... so good that I am going to finish it ... despite my dislike for the movie.

I am not sure what it was that made it so bad. The actors looked strikingly like their illustrated counterparts. I think most of the actors portrayed the characters well... they nailed it.

It was really faithful to the book, more so than most flicks; but something was missing... there was no "LIFE" to it... I have no problem watching long movies... i watched DARK KNIGHT 5 times in the theater...but this one was excruciatingly long and boring. Several times I just wished it was over so that we could go.

This movie is a good example of how comic book dialog does NOT translate to the big screen... it seemed stilted, forced. I thought the whole idea of the movie was to bring the book to life, to make it realistic... but it didn't work... it still looked like a comic book... nothing was gained by making this movie.

Even the sex scenes were uninteresting... the unsuccessful sex scene was slightly humorous... but the successful sex scene was unintentionally funny... one of the very few laughs I had in the whole movie. And there was waaaay to much blue genitalia floating around... lol

The fight scenes were too long...and too comic-book-lookingly (is that even a word? shouldn't it be? lol) -- they could have been done much better.

sigh... i dunno... i just wanted it to be over... so i could go home and put THE DARK KNIGHT on the dvd and remember how good a comic book flick can be!

sorry if i offended anybody... i realize some folks liked it (like the Barbarian).

The Scores (scale of 1 to 10 -- with 10 being the pinnacle):
me = 2
Sugar Daddy gave it the finger
the Barbarian =7 (see? some folks liked it! lol)

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