24 March, 2009

Food Pr0n & a Reminder

Leaving the hospital in Rome, GA, we discovered another one of those "hole-in-the-wall" places we love! Although no one spoke much English, we didn't have too much trouble ordering. .. and the food was delicious!

Next is a snap of Monday's lunch, with Sugar Daddy, @ Saffron Indian Restaurant.

And lastly, when I went to Bi-Lo to pick up some items for supper, I noticex that asparagus was on sale for 99 cents\lb. The little thin tender kind... well that changed all of my plans! We ended up having grilled porkchops, grilled asparagus & roasted green peas w\portabellos, mixed vegs & cheese... yummy.

Oh...and saw the sign-up info for thr CAB grill-off. Its going to be part of the Freedom Aloft Weekend in Simpsonville... looks like its gonna be a lot of fun... bigger & better!!!

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