04 March, 2009


I just recently found a blog for a very interesting art project entitled, "First Craft of Spring". This is an off-shoot from the Booze and Yarn website.

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The premise is to have artists create daffodils, in whatever medium. And then to "plant" them in the artist's towns, on the first official day of spring...with a tag that the artist puts a positive message on & the Booze and Yarn web address.

I am so taken with the idea of this project, that I am going to make at least one and "plant" it here in Greenville. (And challenge you to do so too) (and if any local folks participate, please lemme know... would love to see!)

The blog contains a pattern for a knitted daffodil-- but I haven't mastered the art of two sticks yet... and also I am not the best pattern follower!

Unfortunately, I spent most of yesterday in a hospital room, visiting with my Father-in-Law (who suffered a stroke); and so had some time to work out my ideas. (My FIL is on the road to recovery!)

So here is my freeform crochet spin on the daffodil ... i am not the best at telling how to do something; so i will show you:

to make the "ruffled" part of the flower: hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc in every other stitch

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