23 March, 2009

Follow Up: First Craft of Spring Public Art Project

As we were driving back into Greenville after being in Georgia all weekend, we went down Main St. to see how the daffodils fared. I had received several emails\twitters about them over the weekend... so I was curious.

Someone had plucked the daffodil at the Sterling Highschool monument! So cool... I hope it brings much joy to its new owner!! I just love that concept!

The daffodil at Mr. Poinsett's monument was still there ... we could tell that it had been touched and examined... and it was still in the statue's lap where someone had placed it! It looked so cheerful and I hope that it made at least someone smile. I went ahead & brought it home... but frankly I would have been just as pleased if someone had taken it home... that would have been cool.

This project was lots of fun & I plan on some other projects in the future.

Dont forget to check out the other participants @ www.firstcraftofspring.blogspot.com


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