24 March, 2009

I made a beret in a day... No more rhymes I mean it... Anybody want a peanut?

Sitting around the hospital while visiting with my father-in-law (who is making progress after suffering 2 strokes), I have a lot of nervous energy and so started bringing crochet projects with me.

Here is another beret... this one for Ms. S. It is an alpaca/acrylic blend (bernat, i think) that feels so so soft!

Kids say the funniest things:

she took it home and tried it on... one of her sons said that she looked like a fancy lady in it. the other son asked her where she was going... she asked him where it looked like that she was going... and he said "the beach"...

she told me that she would rather be a fancy lady! lol

and here are some other beret models for the guilt-free chocolate beret:

FO ALERT:  Guilt-free Chocolate Beret

FO ALERT:  Guilt-free Chocolate Beret

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