07 March, 2009

?PERRO CALIENTE! Now That's A Hot Dog!

Just sharing some previously unposted pics of meals gone by from the Colombian restaurant, El Carretero. This is one of those places that you might not have ever noticed before ... here in Mauldin, SC. It is located on Laurens Rd (aka Main St. Mauldin).

First up is the most unusual hot dog ( perro caliente) that I have ever had. It is dressed with a salady-condiment and crushed potato chips and then topped off with quail eggs. I realize it may sound a little different...but it is pretty darn delicious!

Next are empanadas and an empanada like item. I can't remember the name... but I think it has something to do with the word for potato... delish!

Next is steak with calentado (if i spelled it right... rice, beans, plantains) and an arepa (corn cake...it may look like a tortilla... but its not.)

The last pics are of the Colombian picante ... chock full of onions and cilantro... it is spicy...but not overbearingly hot...great condiment!
and look, you can buy a bottle to take home!

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