19 March, 2009

FO ALERT: Daffodil for First Craft of Spring

I decided to add a little "oomph" to one of my daffodils for the art project at www.firstcraftofspring.blogspot.com by crocheting a "pot cosy" and planting my daffodil in it.

The ever helpful Sugar Daddy made a stake to secure the stem from a wire coat hanger.

all i have to do is make the tag for this daffodil.

i have one other daffodil to "plant" downtown; but hope to make at least one more for a total of 3.

are you making daffodils for this collaborative art project? if so, are you in the Upstate? or somewhere else? i would love to see your daffodils!

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1 comment:

Brandy said...

The new daffodil pattern I tried out turned out beautiful!! I'm really going to hate to give it up! I've made two so far but hope to get at least two more made at some point today. I may make one for myself to pin to my crochet bag or something for the first day of spring. I still have to make the notes...
I guess I'll plant mine somewhere on Main Street...probably between City Hall and Coffee Street. We'll see....