21 November, 2008


here is why it takes me forever to finish a project: i was working on my pinky-brown scarf when i got an idea for a Christmas tree pin... so i had to stop and try it out.

i think that these could be small gifts or maybe trim for gifts.

i made this out of two handwoven squares done on my 4" weave-it loom: 1 green and 1 brown.
(but you could use crochet or knitted squares... or heck, even felt or fabric --- depending on your crafty bent!)

i really like the texture of the woven squares for this project...

fold the green square in half - in a triangle shape -- stitch around to secure double layer

fold the brown square in half - in a rectangle shape -- stitch around to secure double layer

attach the brown (trunk) to the back of the green (tree)... i put the trunk as far up the back as i could... and then attach a pin-back to where it is 4 layers.

turn the tree over and embellish (or decorate) the front... i went with buttons for a folk-art look and topped with a plastic bead for a star... but the decorations can be as elaborate as you want!

i am still not feeling the best-- so i pretty much stayed on the couch working on my craft projects and watching Picket Fences on my netbook at hulu.com ... i forgot just how much i loved that show!

if you dont know about hulu... you should go check it out, you can watch tv shows and movies for free... there is a pretty big selection... some vintage and some current.

it was perfect for a sick day --- and if i feel this bad tomorrow, i will watch more!

and who knows? i might even finish my scarf!

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Brandy said...

OMG!!! I love it!!! Very vintage looking! I love the idea of wearing it as a pin! But decorating gifts with it and pinning a name tag to it is a FANTASTIC idea...Oh, with some raffia. You always have to have the raffia!! ;-)
I just love the Thanksgiving and Christmas season!!!