05 November, 2008


i have fallen in fiber love with my vintage Weave-It and my Hazel Rose Multi-Loom... so much so that i wanted to acquire some different sizes... but as you may know, these looms go fast and usually big bucks on Ebay.

so i was overjoyed to find this loom. it is a new loom made by a gentleman in Alabama. he had an Ebay listing for any two of his looms, a weaving needle and free shipping for $45. so i ordered one of his rectangle looms and one of his rug looms.

this is my new loom

this is the contact info for the gentleman that made this loom


i saw this little project on the eloomanater's site; and decided to make my own little handwoven wallet.

i made two squares with my 4" Hazel Rose Multi-Loom and two rectangles

i put the two rectangles together

i folded the squares to make the credit card pockets

and then stitched up the sides

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