28 November, 2008


whew! i finished my pinky-brown scarf!

this scarf was made from 4" handwoven squares. i crocheted around the squares and then crocheted them together. then i started crocheting round and round and adding fringe.

i really love the texture of the woven squares and the crochet combined!

i used acrylic for ease of care. this is the hobby lobby brand, "i love this yarn!" in sweet mocha ombre, hot rose & brown. the squares were woven on my 4" weave-it; and i used a clover soft touch hook in size H.


Crafty Cripple said...

This scarf is scrumptious. By which is makes me want to eat Neapolitan ice-cream. YUM

sweet baby said...

extra nice piece......will it be coming in any other colors