13 November, 2008


finally.. i have gotten back to the ladybug bag. for some reason, i hit a brick wall on this project; and just had to take a break from it.

this week, i have received several emails asking about my progress on the bag.

i spent about 4 hours at the car repair shop yesterday... and took the bag with me and finally made some new progress on it.

here are the straps completed. the ladybug buttons will fasten to a sleeve to cover the metal cinch clasp when using it as a strap. but i havent made the sleeve yet.

i even lined this... dont look too close, my sewing isnt the greatest...lol.
i cut up an old purple tshirt to make this lining.
actually the lining turned out better than i had anticipated.

i took the bag with me to the yo-c meeting...yes, i finally showed up again! i got some really nice comments from the ladies there! it's really nice to get feedback from people who understand your craft!

now i have to finish the embellishments, the sleeve and figure out the top closure piece.

back to the drawing board...

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