12 November, 2008


this is a pair of mittens that i made to donate to charity.

the weekly knit & crochet group that i recently joined... although havent attended the last few weeks... (i hope they dont kick me out...eek!)... had folks bring in their odd balls of yarn, or left over yarn from projects. the idea was to make "monster mittens"... pieced together from the scraps.

then the mittens will be donated to be passed out to homeless people for the holidays.

i did donate some yarn... but missed a few meetings & so wasnt there when they handed out the yarn to make the mittens... so i made a pair from some leftover yarn that i had here at home. (and sugar daddy was glad that i was able to reduce my stash by even a little!)

i made these on the blue knifty knitter hoop after looking at this pattern.

i didnt follow the pattern; i decided to make them square-topped--- i don't know if i would do that again! my thought process was to make them roomy... but i might have over done it.

all in all, i am fairly happy with how they turned out --- they really are toasty warm!

what do you think?

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sweet baby said...

my pair is so warm and comfortable . perfect fit. nice.